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Liezel and Lize

Review of "The Giraffe" @liezelonline:
"I was invited to try a Lagree Workout with Lagree Founder @sebastien.lagree when he happened to be in Cape Town on holiday.
Having no idea what I was going for - I arrived at this class, and proceeded to have one of the best fitness classes I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. It's a fantastic pick for those wanting to build muscle tone and developing & building movements, with GREAT MUSIC TOO! Lagree has incredicle instructors - knowledgeable, experienced, disciplined and enthusiastic. Each class is different though by the way - even though you are doing it all on this Megaformer.
And heads up: You are definitely going to be shaking a lot; The Premiere of the class is to shake! Lagree classes definitely get a thumbs up from me, when it comes to a full, total body workout!"
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Review of @lize.heimberg:
"Lagree and especially Morgan's classes have ignited a spark within me to ignite my love and passion for fitness & wellness. Each 50 min. session will continually surprise you of how far one can push your own fitness & strength boundaries."


Client review of Yoga Teacher @soulsistayogatwista:

Thank you for your open mind, energy and positivity!

"As someone who has been involved in the wellness industry for the last 12 years I can honestly say I think your offering is stellar. The instructors are all high energy and great fun and the incredible connection to muscles you didn't even know you had is insane. One leaves feeling longer, leaner and beat. I am loving my sessions here and highly recommend it to anyone looking to incorporate movement that targets specific areas in the most intense and slow moving, deeply activating way possible. Love you guys"


Review by Seira:
“Thank the lord for Leopard Lagree! I have been searching for Lagree for years in Cape Town…

I used to do Lagree religiously in LA but until now it wasn’t an option here. Hallelujah that’s no longer true!! Lagree is by far the most efficient and effective workout and the beauty of it is that you hardly break a sweat and continue on with your day without needing to go home and shower. The trainers and staff here are lovely and the studio is pristine and in a great location. Highly recommend!”


Review by Dalene:

"Lagree has changed my perspective on exercise irrevocably. I used to torture myself with 5am, high intensity exercises, and attended almost ALL the exercise studios in the city to no avail. Lagree has put an emphasis on form and pace that has FINALLY made the difference. #hooked."


Review by Jaime:

"I've tried many forms of exercise from spin to hot yoga to boxing but have noticed the fastest results from Lagree. I highly recommend trying it for yourself and I am confident you'll also see a difference after just a few classes."

Simone and Roxane

Review by Simone:
"Absolutely loving Leopard Lagree! You work slow but deep & is fabulous for an overall toning of your muscles. The instructors are very knowledgeable & also accommodating for a pregnant client like myself. The 50min workout gets straight to the point & you walk away knowing you’ve done wonders for your body. I just love it! Thanks Leopard Lagree!"

Review by Roxane:
"I absolutely love Leopard Lagree - the location is super convenient and the Megaformer is next level! Absolutely love the slow controlled movements, feel stiff in places I didn’t even know existed!  Bought a package after my fist session and I’m obsessed:)"

Lisa and Bianca

Review by Bianca:
"I have done 3 Lagree classes with Morgan now & I have loved each one! My entire core has been stiff & feel like it really works the deeper layers of your muscles 💪🏼 The space is clean & the Megaformers are amazingly easy to operate. It really works! I’m hooked 😃"

Review by Lisa:
"I went to my first class with Morgan, who before the class took me aside and explained how the Megaformer works . Before I knew it, my body was shaking and the sweat was pouring off me from her brilliant class. Her sequence she did from one side of the body to the other was brilliant! She also took time to correct and tell us exactly what muscle group we were working . I loved the class and will be back. I can feel all the areas we worked from 1 class. Thanks Leopard Lagree"

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